Diesel Generators

Open & Enclosed Generators, 6 - 45 kW



Enclosed Generators 6 - 45 kW

The MasPower series generators are powered by 1800 RPM water-cooled Yanmar diesel engines. They not only meet all of today’s stringent emissions regulations but are designed to meet those of the future. They beat the competition with their low noise levels, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. These units are the best in their class for fuel economy resulting in reduced operation costs. The engines are coupled with heavy duty 12 lead re-connectable generators. This allows the units to be wired for single or three phase at a wide range of voltages. They are self-exciting, synchronous, and brushless permanent magnet generators.


Open Generators 6 - 45 kW

MasPower’s MEC series of heavy duty generators are powered by a proven Yanmar diesel engine. Operating at 1800 RPM, the Yanmar diesel offers long life, reduced fuel consumption and smooth, quiet service. The engines are radiator-cooled and coupled to a brushless generator. The generator set includes: automatic shutdowns for low oil pressure and high water temperature, primary fuel filter, 12 volt starting, muffler, owner’s manual and skid mounted.


Standard Features

  • Lift off lockable doors and control panel cover for ease of maintenance
  • Vibration isolation mounting between engine/generator feet and base frame
  • Insulation class H
  • Double walled UL 142 listed based fuel tank on enclosed standby units
  • Heavy duty dry type air filter
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Battery rack, cables, and charger
  • Exhaust silencer, residential and critical
  • Oil drain plumbed to frame
  • Weatherproof, powder coated aluminum sound attenuated cabinet
  • Deep Sea digital controller with remote start
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Lug Connections



  • Skid mounted
  • Single or three phase
  • DOT Approved Trailers
  • Wire Reels
  • Multi-phase/voltage selector switches
  • Various fuel tank sizes to extend run times
  • Block heater
  • Cam connectors or Polaris quick connections
  • 50 Hz
  • Low fuel level shutdown

Power Ranges

6 to 45 kW
50 to 325 kW